Wet Etching Germanium

Germanium is a unique semiconductor material with excellent optical and electrical properties. Its high refractive index, low absorption coefficient, and good thermal conductivity make it valuable in various applications, including infrared optics and electronics.


Our Germanium etching production facility

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Our Germanium etching production facility

Germanium Characteristics:

Germanium possesses several key properties that contribute to its diverse applications:

  1. Optical Transparency: Germanium is transparent in the infrared region, making it valuable for infrared optics and lenses.
  2. High Refractive Index: Germanium’s high refractive index allows for efficient light bending, suitable for lenses and prisms.
  3. Electrical Properties: Germanium is a semiconductor material with good electrical conductivity, making it useful in electronic devices.
  4. Thermal Conductivity: Germanium has reasonable thermal conductivity, aiding in heat dissipation.

Metal Etching Germanium:

Metal etching is a precise process used to selectively remove material from the surface of germanium to create intricate patterns and designs. When etching germanium, the choice of etchant is critical for achieving optimal results:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Solution: Advantages: This mixture is effective for etching germanium due to its ability to dissolve germanium oxide.
  2. Bromine (Br2) and Methanol (CH3OH) Solution: Advantages: Bromine and methanol solution can be used for controlled etching of germanium, providing precise pattern transfer.

Germanium etching equipment

Wet Chemical S650 Germanium Etching Machine

Wet Processing Equipment – Germanium etching machine

The Germanium etching machine is used to spray chemical solution to a copper-clad laminator, aluminum substrate, or stainless steel plate, the exposed copper, aluminum, and stainless steel are etched away, retaining the pattern or circuit covered by the corrosion-proof film, so as to achieve the purpose of making pattern or circuit.

This etching machine is an all-in-one small Germanium etching machine that is easy to install and can be used immediately after powering on.

Photo Etching Germanium:

Photo etching is a precise process used for intricate designs on germanium:

  1. Material Film: Photomasks made of high-quality polymer films with excellent UV resistance are recommended for precise and detailed etching.
  2. Temperature Control: Maintain a stable and controlled temperature during the photoresist exposure and development process to ensure accurate pattern transfer.

Germanium’s exceptional optical and electrical properties make it a valuable material for infrared optics and electronic devices. By understanding the etchants, surface treatment methods, electroforming techniques, metal cleaning, and photo etching processes for germanium, manufacturers can achieve exceptional results without compromising the material’s integrity. Applying these insights will enable the production of high-quality germanium components for diverse applications, ranging from infrared imaging to electronic devices and beyond.

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how to etch Germanium?

Etching Germanium Process Guidelines

MetalEtchantTemperature (°C)Concentration (%)Estimated Etch Depth (microns)Etch Quality
GermaniumH2O2 and HCl (Aqua Regia)Room temperature3% H2O2, 30% HCl1-5High-quality (smooth)
GermaniumBromine (Br2) and Methanol (CH3OH)Room temperature10% Br2, Methanol5-20Moderate-quality (etched)

The values provided are approximate and can vary depending on specific etching conditions, including exposure time, agitation, and the condition of the Germanium surface. Always conduct test etches and adjust parameters as needed to achieve your desired results. Additionally, safety precautions should be followed when handling these chemicals, especially in the case of Aqua Regia.

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